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Company Overview

At Forteza Crane Rental, we strive to provide you the most reliable and efficient equipment for your construction site success

At Forteza Crane Rental LLC, customer service and value are at the forefront of everything we do. Founded in 2016 by Luis Forteza, a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in the crane, heavy rigging, and transportation industry, we bring a level of expertise and passion to the construction industry in Florida that is second to none.

With a background in growing his family’s business, and establishing a successful Tower Crane division, Forteza Equipo LLC, in Puerto Rico, Mr. Forteza understands the importance of providing exceptional service to our clients.

By teaming up with Potain by Manitowoc, we are able to offer the construction industry in Florida access to revolutionary self-erecting cranes that provide unparalleled versatility and state-of-the-art engineering design. We are committed to delivering a product that has never been seen before, and always with a focus on providing the best possible value to our customers.

Crane Rental
Need a crane for a project? Contact us for availability and more information!
Crane Sales
Prefer to manage the cranes yourself? We have used and new cranes for sale!
Parts & Service
Crane stopped working? We have parts and technicians for the job!

Our clients’ success is our success.

We possess within us two minds. so far i have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconcious. Our subconcious mind contains such power.

Provide Quality Services Since 2016

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Eco Friendly Job Site

The Self Erecting Cranes we handle are electric; and therefore create much less Greenhouse gases than traditional cranes.

The Newest Technology

With wireless controls, fully electric panel, and load moment indicators, we offer top of the line products to provide only the best service.

High Quality Products

Manitowoc is a world renounced crane manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of heavy lift crawler cranes, mobile cranes and the self erecting cranes have only increased their standards.

Looking For Exclusive Construction Service?
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