Potain Igo T 99


  • Max capacity: 13,250 lb (6,000 kg)
  • Max tip capacity: 2,645 lb (1,200 kg)
  • Max radius: 157 ft (48 m)
  • Max height under hook with jib horizontal: 126 ft (38.5 m)
  • Max height under hook with 30° jib: 185 ft (56.5 m)
  • Variable height lattice mast from 67 ft (20.5 m) to 126 ft (38.5 m) with mast inserts.

Chassis: Outriggers swing and lock into position. 14.8 ft (4.5 m) square outrigger spread with 10.8 ft (3.3 m) maximum turning radius and 9.8 ft (3 m) minimum turning radius. 23.6 in (600 mm) square outrigger pads are stowed on the crane during transport.

Ballast: The ballast requirement for the crane consists of, twenty-one (21) slabs each weighing 4,850 lb (2,200 kg).

Mast: Telescoping lattice mast is raised by an auxiliary winch and pulley block. Hook heights of 67.3 ft (20.5 m) and 77.1 ft (23.5 m) are achievable with the standard mast. 360˚ rotation possible during raising sequence.

Mast Inserts: Three (3) 20 ft (6 m) mast inserts available to reach a maximum horizontal hook height of 126.3 ft (38.5 m). Increasing mast height with one insert provides hook heights of 86.9 ft (26.5 m) and 96.8 ft (29.5 m); the second mast insert provides hook heights of 106.6 ft (32.5 m) and 116.5 ft (35.5 m); the third mast insert provides a hook height of 126.3 ft (38.5 m).

Jib: 157.5 ft (48 m) radius standard offsettable lattice jib. The jib can be offset to 30˚. Opening and aligning are carried out automatically by four hydraulic cylinders.

Swing: HPS 152 slewing mechanism with a maximum swing speed of 0.8 rpm. Progressive control of the speed with counter-slewing possible, anti-load swinging system makes aligning the load and jib easier. Multiple rpm speeds are possible depending upon the selected parameter.

Hoist: 25 HPL 15: 25 HP variable frequency hoist with 3,300 lb (1.5 t) line pull. Progressive speed change according to the accelerating or decelerating ramps.

Trolley: 5 DVF 5 Optima: 5.5 HP variable frequency hoist with 1,102 lb (500 kg) line pull. Progressive speed change according to acceleration or deceleration ramps controlled by the frequency converter. Optima allows the hoist to adapt its speed to the weight of the load.

Reeving: Block with fixed 4-part line.

480 V, 60 Hz measured at the turntable is recommended for optimal performance. Power Control allows for a reduction in the power supply of 34 kVA to 24 kVA with the Ultra View Cab and 29 kVA to 21 kVA without the Ultra View Cab both from the city.

For use with a generator, this translates to a reduction in the power supply of 58 kVA to 41 kVA with the Ultra View Cab and 50 kVA to 36 kVA without the Ultra View Cab. All power supply reductions result in a proportional reduction in hoisting speed. Earth rod and electric cable stored on the crane during transport.

The wireless remote control provides information to the operator about wind speed, radius, hook height, load, and moment. Lights and buzzers alert the operator when nearing limits of operation. Battery charger and extra battery are provided with the crane.

Auxiliary push-button tethered remote ensures continual operation in case of battery or other malfunction of the wireless remote control. Optional tethered remote control ensures continuous operation with the same functions and ergonomics as the standard wireless remote control.

Optional Ultra View Cab allows for improved operator visibility while operating the crane.

Optional transport axle sets are available for both jobsite and highway applications. Jobsite axles are rated for 15.5 mph (25 km/h) and highway axles are rated for 50 mph (80 km/h).

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Josue Torres
Josue Torres
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Tyrone Thurston
It's is my pleasure to have an opportunity to share my experience, doing business with Forteza Crane Rental. LLC. Forteza's management and staff teams were very professional in their services at the onset of our enquiring about their products and services. The executive team personally visited our construction site and helped us to select the best equipment for our needs. We were more than impressed and satisfied with the level of knowledge and confidence in their products displayed by the entire management and staff when they offered advice and counseling. I personally highly recommend Forteza Crane Rental, LLC should be your choice and provider for all your crane service needs.
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Richard Kennedy
Forteza went above and beyond, impeccable service. Versatile and easy setup of the equipment. Highly recommended.